Honeymoon in Seoul, Korea

Honeymoon in Seoul, Korea

The second stop of our Honey Moon, we met up with family and friends in Seoul, Korea. This is our first time in Korea aside from a stopover a few years back. It’s definitely an amazing county to visit.

2013-09-15-13h28m39Food is such an important factor in our vacation. We had to try all the good eats Soeul had to offer.  2013-09-15-13h29m28

Live octopus is one of the most popular delicacies in Korea. We didn’t try but was amused by this giant wall mounted octopus which reminded us on Dotonburi in Osaka. 2013-09-15-14h01m20

Street food around town has really good dried squid and kimbap.



For any war and history buffs, I highly recommend the Korean war museum. The entire side of the building had huge displays of war vehicles and plans from the Korean war. 2013-09-15-15h45m47

Three commies Mao, Kim, and Stalin. Where’s Uncle Ho?2013-09-15-16h30m43


This giant pot pie is not what it seems. Inside consists of curry fried chicken. Apparently Koreans are obsessed with fried chicken and have mastered it down to an art form. It’s hard to believe but one of the best fried chickens in my life I ate in Korea.  (Hand over pie to show how big it was!)2013-09-15-20h06m32


Look! Tiff is holding this bronze statue. Can you see the excitement in her face?2013-09-16-12h09m21 2013-09-16-12h14m52 2013-09-16-12h22m27

Kim chi is an important daily staple for Koreans. There’s a wide selection at this local market.2013-09-16-15h48m36

Our friends devising of a game plan on how to maximize snack buying. As you can see, we each had our own shopping cart.2013-09-16-15h49m09

Sustainable produce being grown indoors using UV light. 2013-09-16-16h56m26

Cosmetic surgery is huge in Korea and we saw at least one of these ads in every train stop.2013-09-17-00h24m16


More fried chicken! I’m telling you this stuff is good!2013-09-17-14h32m09 2013-09-18-08h34m31

Until next time Korea…2013-09-19-12h26m18 2013-09-19-12h37m24